Login Plugins

Login Plugins mostly play a support role: They can be called by all other plugins: Metadata, Downloader and Script Plugins. Their role is to provide a configured Mojo::UserAgent object that can be used to perform authenticated operations on a remote Web service.

Required subroutines

Only one subroutine needs to be implemented for the module to be recognized: do_login, which contains your working code. You're free to implement other subroutines for cleaner code, of course.

Expected Input

When executing your Plugin, LRR will call the do_login subroutine and give it the following variables:
sub do_login {
#First lines you should have in the subroutine
my ($param1, $param2, $param3) = @_; # Plugin parameters
The variables match the parameters you've entered in the plugin_info subroutine.

Expected Output

Your plugin must return a Mojo::UserAgent object. That's it!
There's no particular error handling for Login Plugins at the moment, so I recommend you return an empty UserAgent if Login fails and handle the error in the matching Metadata/Script plugin.

Plugin Template

package LANraragi::Plugin::Login::MyNewPlugin;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Mojo::UserAgent;
use LANraragi::Utils::Logging qw(get_logger);
#Meta-information about your plugin.
sub plugin_info {
return (
#Standard metadata
name => "Login Plugin",
type => "login",
namespace => "dummylogin",
author => "Hackerman",
version => "0.001",
description => "This is base boilerplate for writing LRR plugins.",
#If your plugin uses/needs custom arguments, input their name here.
#This name will be displayed in plugin configuration next to an input box.
parameters => [
{type => "bool", desc => "Enable logging in to service X", default_value => "1"},
{type => "int", desc => "User ID"},
{type => "string", desc => "Password"}
# Mandatory function to be implemented by your login plugin
# Returns a Mojo::UserAgent object only!
sub do_login {
# Login plugins only receive the parameters entered by the user.
my ( $loginenabled, $uID, $password) = @_;
my $logger = get_logger( "Undernet Login", "plugins" );
my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new;
if ($loginenabled) {
name => 'userID',
value => $uID,
domain => '',
path => '/'
name => 'password',
value => $password,
domain => '',
path => '/'
} else {
$logger->info( "No cookies provided, returning blank UserAgent.");
return $ua;