Minion API

Control the built-in Minion Job Queue.

Get the basic status of a Minion Job


For a given Minion job ID, check whether it succeeded or failed. Minion jobs are ran for various occasions like thumbnails, cache warmup and handling incoming files.

Path Parameters

  "state": "finished",
  "task": "handle_upload",
  "error": null

  "state": "failed",
  "task": "thumbnail_task",
  "error": "oh no"

🔑Get the full status of a Minion Job


Get the status of a Minion Job. This API is there for internal usage mostly, but you can use it to get detailed status for jobs like plugin runs or URL downloads.

Path Parameters

  "args": ["\/tmp\/QF3UCnKdMr\/"],
  "attempts": 1,
  "children": [],
  "created": "1601145004",
  "delayed": "1601145004",
  "expires": null,
  "finished": "1601145004",
  "id": 7,
  "lax": 0,
  "notes": {},
  "parents": [],
  "priority": 0,
  "queue": "default",
  "result": {
    "id": "75d18ce470dc99f83dc355bdad66319d1f33c82b",
    "message": "This file already exists in the Library.",
    "success": 0
  "retried": null,
  "retries": 0,
  "started": "1601145004",
  "state": "finished",
  "task": "handle_upload",
  "time": "1601145005",
  "worker": 1

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