🔑Getting started

The Client API allows you to communicate with a running LANraragi instance from a dedicated client. All the (public)endpoints below can be tested on the demo!

Authenticating with the API

Most of the API endpoints require a form of authentication.

Said authentication is provided by a configurable API Key, which is set by the user in the LRR settings.

This key must be added to your calls as an Authorization: Bearer header, with the key encoded in base64:

DELETE /api/search/cache HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer SEVBVEhFTg==

If you fail to meet this requirement, the API endpoint will return error 401 and the following JSON:

    "error":"This API is protected and requires login or an API Key."

If the user's LRR installation is running under No-Fun Mode, all API methods will be locked behind the key. Empty API Keys will not work, even if there's no key set in Configuration.

Private endpoints will be indicated by a 🔑 symbol next to their name in the following sections.

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