📏Tag Rules

Blacklist or rewrite tags the way you want

Tag Rules allow you to write rules that will extend the basic functionality of automatic tagging. The rules will be applied to the list of tags returned by the plugins in order to filter or rewrite the tags based on your tastes.

Tag Rules must be written one rule per line, without "comma" or "semicolon" unless they are part of the tag.

The format is as follows:

  • tag | -tag : removes the tag

  • -namespace:* : removes all tags within this namespace

  • ~namespace : strips the namespace from the tags

  • tag -> new-tag : replaces one tag

  • namespace:* -> new-namespace:* : replaces the namespace in all tags that contain it

Also note that the match is case insensitive, but the replacement will keep the case specified in the rule, so you can write this rule

serie:one piece -> parody:One Piece

to replace SERIE:ONE PIECE with parody:One Piece.


This is the simplest list of rules you can write. Both formats are valid:

already uploaded
forbidden content
-already uploaded
-forbidden content

Advanced usage

Combining the above rules, you can make LRR do some work for you. For example the following set of rules:

-already uploaded
serie:* -> parody:*
various -> various artists

will transform this tag list

already uploaded, misc:ongoing, misc:complete, language:english,
serie:one piece, serie:naruto, various, crossover'

in this

english, parody:one piece, parody:naruto, various artists, crossover

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