Community (Linux)


An UnRAID package based on the Docker images is available here.

Arch Linux

An installation package is provided in the AUR (Arch User Repository).
Using the AUR package the installation process in Arch Linux should be as easy as entering pikaur -S lanraragi in the command line (if using pikaur). Using other AUR managers should be just as easy.
To install lanraragi without an AUR package manager the installation process would be something like:
wget -O - | tar -xz
cd lanraragi
makepkg -rsi
That would take care of installing LRR together with build and normal dependencies and deleting build dependencies after successful building and installing.
The installer also creates a lanraragi.service unit file for starting, restarting and stopping LRR with systemd's systemctl. If Redis is down it will get it up.
systemctl start lanraragi.service systemctl restart lanraragi.service systemctl stop lanraragi.service systemctl status lanraragi.service
Systemd integration also gives an easy way to read the log (if necessary).
journalctl -u lanraragi -f