Vagrant (Deprecated)

For computers that are unable to easily use Docker or WSL(Basically just Windows 7 and 8), Vagrant allows you to quickly get started nonetheless.

Vagrant installs are deprecated as of 0.6.0. They'll work, but come with enough potential issues and slowdowns that I don't recommend you use them at all!

Using the Vagrantfile

You can use the available Vagrantfile with Vagrant to deploy a virtual machine on your computer with LANraragi preinstalled.

This method requires VirtualBox to be installed on your machine!

Download the Vagrantfile that's relevant to the version of LANraragi that you want to install, then move it to your future LANraragi folder. If you downloaded the nightly Vagrantfile, be sure to remove _nightly from the end of the filename. Once you've done that, open a terminal in that folder and enter the following commands:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
vagrant up

Once the Vagrant machine is up and provisioned, you can access LANraragi at http://localhost:3000. Archives you upload will be placed in the directory of the Vagrantfile.

The Vagrant machine is a simple Docker wrapper, so the database will also be stored in this directory. (As database.rdb)

You can use vagrant halt to stop the VM when you're done. To start it up again, use the following commands:

vagrant up
vagrant provision

Keep in mind that the Vagrant setup, just like Docker, will always use the latest release.


From the directory where the Vagrantfile is located:

vagrant up
vagrant provision

Those two commands will update the wrapped Docker image to the latest one(basically automatically doing the commands written up there on the Docker section). No other operations are needed.